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Wilton Manors, FL Dog Grooming

Looking for dog grooming services in Wilton Manors? Your furry friend’s fur can get matted, dirty, and out of hand quickly. That’s all before you consider nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and ear cleaning!

TLC Pet Boarding prides itself on providing personalized pet care for your loved ones. We love the role our pets play in our loves, and our professional dog groomers give back in our own special way!

Dog Grooming Services in Wilton Manors, FL

Wilton Manors, FL Dog Grooming

Assessing your dog’s health and condition is an important part of the grooming process. Our groomers will carefully examine the state of the dog’s coat, nails, ears, mouth, and more. We’ll especially check for signs of ticks or fleas.

Our Flea-Free Policy

To protect the health of your pet, as well as others in our care, our services include a mandatory flea bath if bugs are found in our care. It’s an affordable $5 charge that will greatly benefit the health and happiness of your pup. Our groomers will conduct a thorough inspection at the end of the process, as well.

Dog Grooming Spa Treatments

TLC Pet Boarding offers 3 tiers of spa treatments for doggos in Wilton Manors. Our prices vary upon the breed, size, and coat condition.

Full Spa Treatment

Your pet will get the fullest, high-end treatment. This entails a specialty shampoo wash of your choice, and also includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, paw care, and overall coat shaping. We’ll blow dry and provide everything else included in dog grooming services.

Medium Spa Treatment

You’ll still get an all-around cleaning for your furry loved one. We’ll clean and deodorize the dog with an oatmeal shampoo as well as trim and clean everything necessary.

Mini Spa Treatment

When your doggo only needs minimal maintenance, go with the mini spa treatment. We’ll give him or her a quality oatmeal shampoo bath and a good brushing.

Dog Grooming Services A la Carte

If you’re interested in specific services and want to minimize the dog grooming cost, we’ll work with you! We offer any one of our grooming services and treatments at an individual, fixed cost. You can even choose our VIP package which includes a shampoo of your choice, tooth brushing, nail grinding, and a cute bandana to wear.

TLC Pet Boarding in Wilton Manors, FL

TLC Pet Boarding is happy to assist with grooming pets in Wilton Manors. We’re also happy to provide a doggy day care when you’re unable to spend as much time with your pet as you’d like. For confirmation of our high-quality service, check out our customer reviews! Contact us today at (954)-295-5050 to schedule your next dog grooming.

Wilton Manors Pet Boarding