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Sunrise Dog Training

Sunrise Dog Training

Sunrise Dog Training You should always be training your dog. As much as we love man’s best friend, they are still prone to their characteristics and well-being. If you don’t stand your ground and teach your dog what is best and right in your household, it will quickly become their household. This is why we offer some of the best Dog Training Sunrise has to offer!

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Obedience Training – Countless pets need to undergo obedience training just to make them happier as pets. Dogs are innately pack animals, and if they aren’t taught that you are the alpha, then we need to go in and teach the dogs obedience.

Anxiety Aid – Dogs thrive on having clear-cut social structures. It is very common for dogs to feel moments of anxiety and our training programs can help them overcome that anxiety and have a much easier time with other dogs and people.

Sunrise Dog Training

Being with Children – Many people assume that obedience and anxiety training help them with being around kids. However, there is specialized training that happens with making dogs comfortable around kids, and we offer that training here.

All Ages of Dogs – Not only are we able to help your dog learn any of these traits, but we believe that even old dogs can learn new tricks. No matter how old your dog is, we can give them the productive engineering they need to be happy and healthy dogs.

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We are a results-based training facility and primarily use operant conditioning which has been scientifically proven to be one of the best methods, since it’s based mostly on positive reinforcement. Some of the commands taught are: stay, sit, down, place, come, fetch, heel, and release. Basic obedience is important for every dog to develop. While it’s best to start young, obedience school can be started at any age. Contact TLC Pet Boarding to find out more about dog school in Sunrise.

Sunrise Pet Boarding