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Southwest Ranches Pet Boarding

You have pets, and they are very important to you. You need to take them for walks, feed them, take them to the vet, and most importantly, care for them. What do you do if you are leaving town for a few days on a business trip or for a vacation and cannot take your pet with you? If you are leaving your pets behind, you want to make sure that they are in the right hands. If you know about kennel facilities, you know that sometimes they are unfit for pets. Kennel facilities can be unsafe, dirty, and often cramped. The best alternative to a kennel facility is TLC Pet Boarding in Southwest Ranches. At TLC Pet Boarding, your pet can roam around, outside of a cage, and have a good time. With TLC Pet Boarding your pet is in good hands, we guarantee that.

Southwest Ranches Pet BoardingSouthwest Ranches Pet Boarding Cares for your Pets

TLC Pet Boarding helps your pet enjoy their stay. We know it is important to you that your pet is happy where they are and feel secure. Our facility is indoor and fully air conditioned. It also has play centers and daily housekeeping, so you know your pets are being taken care of. When staying with TLC Pet Boarding in Southwest Ranches, your pet is going to remain clean and happy, and we will bring them back to you that way. You can also have your pet groomed by appointment. TLC Pet Boarding ensures that both cats and dogs have comfortable stays. We have the best service, facility, and pet care in Southwest Ranches guaranteed. How do we differ from our competition?

  • Our facility is air conditioned and air filtered making sure that your pets remain healthy and do not catch and diseases or sicknesses like flu or kennel cough
  • Your pets are going to have their own bowls in our facility. Before the bowls are given to your pets, they are cleaned with hot water and soap, killing any harmful bacteria. This way, your pet will not get any diseases that come as a result of a shared bowl
  • Your pet has a favorite toy; we know that, why not bring your pet in with their favorite toy. It is not a problem for you to bring your pet along with a toy that might make their stay with us more enjoyable
  • If you have a nervous pet, it is no problem. Our senior and adult suites come fully equipped with flat-screen TVs. We understand that some pets enjoy looking at the projections on the screen and hearing the sounds from the TV. Those images and sounds can help calm your pet down.Southwest Ranches Pet Boarding

Outstand Pet Boarding Service

If you need to bring your pet in just for the day or are going on a business trip or vacation it is no problem, we have you covered. At TLC Pet Boarding, we understand that our service is valuable to our customers, and we pride ourselves on delivering this service to the best of our capabilities. The services of TLC Pet Boarding in Southwest Ranches will make your pet happy and comfortable no matter what type of dog or cat you bring in. We know that after you let us take care of your pet, you will let us take care of them again, and we will be happy to do so.

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