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Should you use Shock Collars on dogs?

Should you Use Shock Collars?

Firstly, there is a lot of aversion to shock collars in the dog industry. It’s very divisive between the people who advocate for it and those who don’t.

Should you use Shock Collars on dogs? The thing is this. If you use a shock collar and have to keep using it beyond three months, it is not working, and it is not worth it. Additionally, if you buy a shoddy shock collar, you risk inflaming and hurting your dog and thus making it even worse for them to understand.

Finally, think about corrective actions. If you train your dog to behave to your standards, you are building a bond of respect with the dog, and they will respect and listen to you for you are their master.

If you use a shock collar then you are not instilling that bond at all, you are simply making them feel bad about doing something that is natural to their being.

Alternative Collars to Shock Collars

Regular Collars

Flat – Most people use Flat Collars for their dogs, and they are the most common, typically they have a name tag on them as well.

Martingale – These are your standard flat collar but with a slip or a chain so that it can easily adjust in between different lengths.

Head Collar – Head collars are ones that go around the dogs head similar to a muzzle.

Aversive Collars – Behavior Modification

Should you use Shock Collars on dogs?

Choke – These will often be tighter on dogs so that they feel slight choking sensations when they push or pull in either direction.

Prong and Pinch – These feature a small knob on the inside so that there is a precise push on their neck for moving in a direction.

Special use

Bark Control – These are your spray and ultrasonic collars. We only recommend using these when you are using them as corrective methods. IF you spray your dog, get the spray collar, etc.

Flea Collars – Flea collars have medicine ingrained into their system so that it pushes fleas away from trying to land on your dog.

Vibrating – These will typically vibrate as a way of relaxing or easing your dog. Similar to having a shock vest duyring storms.

GPS Control – Most collars can have GPS chips integrated easily, I highly recommend it.

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