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Quality Pet Boarding- What to Look For

Quality Pet Boarding  What to Look For

When it comes to our pets, nothing will do but the very best. You make sure their food is top of the line, that they have the best toys, that your dog’s collar and tag are pristine, and that your cat always has a scratching post ready. But, even with all of this fawning over our four-legged furry counterparts there come times when we will have to be away from them, be it a business trip, or a family vacation, there are times when our pets cannot accompany us. This is not to say that we will leave them totally abandoned, in fact, there are locations specifically designed to take care of them in the form of pet boarding facilities.

Now, when it comes to pet boarding in Florida, there are some things you need to look for in the facility you want housing your cat or dog.

Location’s Atmosphere

When deciding on where your pet will be going it is important that you approve of the location’s atmosphere. Physically go to the location and take in all the facility has to offer, and see if it agrees with what you want your cat or dog exposed to. This may include:


What is the hygienic state of the location? If it is kept in pristine conditions, no messes, then you can bet that your dog or cat will not be exposed to any harmful bacteria or molds. This will also mean no vermin or parasites have made home here as well.


Do they have play areas? Your dog should have plenty of room to run and roam, and your cat should have climbing areas or scratching posts. This will help give them the play time many animals need to keep them from stressing out.

ComfortQuality Pet Boarding  What to Look For

You want to make sure that it is a place where your pets can not only play at but also that they can feel comfortable resting in; a stressed animal is a sad animal.


No one expects you to leave your beloved cat or dog with just anyone, and you want to make sure the facility’s staff are people that you can trust. You want to make sure that those employed at the facility are friendly, approachable, and adore pets. They should also have formal training in their background on how to care for cats and dogs. These are after all people whose job it is to care for other people’s pets.

All the Proper Paperwork

Now, you want to make sure that the location offers all of the necessary protection needed in order for your pet to be safe. Is the location insured?  If your dog or cat are injured, if they injure another pet or person or damage any property while at a bonded and insured boarding facility, you will be covered for the costs.

You also want to make sure the facility requires that the animals there are up to date on all vaccinations. This will make sure no illnesses or parasites are shared between the cats and dogs taking shelter there.


A location is only as good as its reputation, and this holds true for a pet facility. Look for any reviews regarding the location’s past, find out if what they are showing you is really that other people have experienced. Make sure they are not just putting on a show for you, and that others can attest to their abilities.

TLC Pet Boarding

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