Personalized care for your pets…Peace of mind for you!

Pompano Beach Pet Boarding

Pompano Beach Pet Boarding

Pompano Beach Pet Boarding We provide a comfortable and manageable pet boarding service in Pompano Beach. TLC has been working in the area for several years, and in that time we have become the leading provider of Pompano Beach pet boarding.

Each member of our staff is a pet lover and receives ample break time to give your pets all the attention and affection they deserve while you are away. We are not a kennel, and we provide a wide-open space for your pets to play in.

Our Services

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is our specialty. You are not putting your dog in a kennel; you are putting them in a closed-off area with plenty of room to run around, multiple carers who will play with and attend to your dog. It’s an oasis away from home!

Cat Boarding

Pompano Beach Pet Boarding

Additionally, we offer cat boarding. If you’re afraid of temperamental cats turning your couch into a wasteland, call us today to harbor this feline before an act of war happens.

Pet Grooming

Upon request, we offer comprehensive cat and dog grooming services for our customers. Anything from puppy paw pads to kitty claws can be worked on and groomed to your liking! All of which is done to your comfort and enjoyment!
Pompano Beach Dog Grooming

Caring Workers

We have a comprehensive assembly of workers who care for and enjoy working with your pets. We also give them frequent breaks, so they don’t get burned out with your feline friend or canine companion!

Pompano Beach Dog Training

Pompano Beach Pet Boarding from TLC

We can take care of your pet for an extended period or just for the day. We at Pompano Beach Pet Boarding know that this is an important service to be able to provide to our clients who have pets that they love. The services of TLC Pet Boarding caters to all types of cats and dogs. Whether you need a doggy daycare service for your dog or a cat condo for your cat, you know you can rely on us. We guarantee that after your pets first stay, you will bring them back time and time again, and we would love to take care of them for you.