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Pet Teeth Cleaning – Do it Yourself!

Pet Teeth Cleaning

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you love your pet. Your pets deserve the best quality of life you can afford them, and that includes their health. A smart and great investment in your pet health is to make sure they have proper dental care. While it may not be wise to see the dentist every other day make sure your little friend has the healthiest chompers, it is smart to brush your pet’s teeth every day.

Tools for Pet Teeth Cleanliness Pet Teeth Cleaning   Do it Yourself!

Make sure that you buy the right brush, the brushes that work for dogs, will not work for cats. The brushes that work for small dogs will not work with big dogs. Next, you want to make sure that the pets have the appropriate toothpaste. The best way to test for this is to have your pet lick some and see how they do with it. You should always have at least two treats in the beginning because you want the pet to feel rewarded before and after.

Now that we have our tools let’s ease our pets into the process. You want to make sure they are calm and docile before you start throwing stuff into their mouths. Rub their belly if necessary or their vagus nerve, which is just around the neck and shoulders area. This is proven to relax pets and it a protip! After that you want them to taste the toothpaste, let them familiarize themselves with the texture and the taste. Then gently start lifting their gums and rub them with your fingers. This will let them trust you with the toothbrush. Then simply brush their teeth and watch them be comfortable, if they ever become uncomfortable, stop and come back to it tomorrow.

After you’ve successfully brushed your pet’s teeth (even if it takes a few tries first) then you want to maintain this pattern. Pets are creatures of routine. You want to do the same things to have them be comfortable with it. The next day, the same time, the same process until you can reduce the amounts of treats and your pet will thank you for it.

Pet Discipline Pet Teeth Cleaning   Do it Yourself!

If you are having problems with your pet being uncomfortable in this position, perhaps you should invest in products to help board your pet. At TLC Boarding we offer great advice and great products to help discipline your pet into a more docile and happy pet.