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Pet Taxi Service

Pet Taxi ServiceYou love your pets, and your pets need attention, but you are busy most of the time. Having a good pet boarding facility available for your pets is a great alternative to having your pets stay at home by themselves. But then you are faced with another problem; you do not have the time to take your pet to the pet boarding facility. That is when the pet taxi service at TLC Pet Boarding comes in handy. This pet transportation service allows you to have your pets taken to the pet boarding facility without affecting your workday or anything else that is important to you. How does this service work exactly?

Why Our Pet Taxi Service

We understand that our clients have a busy schedule that they need to balance with their beloved pets. Whether you need to keep your pets company, take your pet to the veterinarian, or take your dog for a walk, your pet requires attention for a vast majority of their lives. With the pet taxi service of TLC Pet Boarding, whatever your needs are for your pet, we will be there you. We will come to your home and pick up your pet. Our pet transportation service vehicle will then transport your pet safely and securely to our facility, where your pet can be attended to, fed, walked, and taken care of.

How This Pet Transportation Service Transfers PetsPet Taxi Service

Most people that have pets either have a cat or a dog. These two animals are very different and require a different means of transportation. When dealing with a cat, the cat is placed in a cat kennel, and they are secured in the pet taxi service vehicle. This is the safest way to transfer a cat. For a dog taxi service, it may be a little different depending on the size of the dog. If it is a small dog, then the dog will be placed in a dog kennel and secured in the pet transportation service vehicle. If it is a bigger dog, then the dog is put in the vehicle and secured with a harness while being strapped in the seat belt. The safety of your animal is our primary concern.

Our Pet Taxi Rates

Customer service and affordability are important to us. We understand that people are working on a budget, so we wanted to make this service affordable for people with any budget. The pet transportation service at TLC Pet Boarding costs $25 up to five miles, one way. The money takes care of all services including picking up your pet, securing your pet safely in our vehicle, and transporting your pet to our facility. As a pet taxi service, the care and transportation service that you will be receiving from us is unmatched by any other company. The pet taxi rates that you will be receiving from us is second to none.

Pet taxi serviceCustomer Service

Our ultimate goal is providing excellent customer service to our clients by keeping their pets happy and healthy. We love offering our clients all services when it comes to the care of their pets, and it is our pleasure to provide our clients with this service. Please give us a call to find out more about this service.