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Pet Care for the Summer Time

With the sun being out, and a warm breeze on your face, it feels like it is about time to take part in some outdoor activities. With that in mind, your pets will most likely love to be out and about more often as well. Now, as your four-legged pets are a part of your family, it is up to you as your pet’s parent to take care of them, as all of this sun and heat can, in turn, lead to health issues in your cat and dog. Here are some things to take into account and tips to help you take the proper pet care of active pets during the summer.

Pet Care: Cats

Watch out for Your CarPet Care for the Summer Time

Avoid leaving your cat in your car, even for a few minutes as you go and get something from the corner store. Your cat is much smaller than your dog and therefore heats up quicker than they do.


Keep their water fresh and cool to help alleviate any discomfort or overheating.  An easy way to accomplish this is by putting some ice cubes in their water bowl.

Give them a Cool Place

Cats love sunbathing, but too much can cause heat stroke. Make sure there is a cool spot that your cat can utilize to cool down. This is as simple as freezing a water bottle, wrapping it in a towel, and putting it under a blanket in one of their favorite spots.

Pet Care: Dogs

Though many of the cat summer care can overlap into dog territory, there are some unique things to consider that may apply more for your dog.

Kiddy Pool

As most dogs like water, investment in a kiddy pool may help in dealing with potential overheating.Pet Care for the Summer Time

Brush Them

Nothing is more important than brushing out the undercoat of your double-coated dog. Removing that dense, winter undercoat will allow for proper air circulation and protection from the sun.