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Pet Boarding

Pet BoardingAt TLC Pet Boarding Club we believe that everyone deserves to go on vacation, especially our furry best friends! Webcams available for pet parents peace of mind. Whether you’re going away for a couple of days or you’ll be off for a week, you can count on us to take care and pamper your precious baby with the very best. We think our pet boarding services are exceptional, and we know that you and your babies would agree!

TLC Pet Boarding Club is not a kennel facility. We do not keep your dog or cat locked up in a cage! Your dog will have the ability to run free in our one-acre, fully-fenced backyard or relax inside a climate-controlled playpen. Our Davie FL pet boarding facility features a three-stage air filtration system to ensure a cleaner environment. Additionally, we disinfect and clean all spaces and surfaces on a daily basis. We also spray our indoor and outdoor areas once a month for flea and tick control, so you can be sure that your four-legged friend will always be kept safe, clean, and most importantly, happy!

Instead of leaving your dog or cat with someone who may not give them the same attention they’re used to, bring them over to TLC Pet Boarding Club in Davie FL! Your pets will never be left alone. We supervise all activities and areas, whether indoor or outdoor. We also provide many opportunities for socialization and relaxing. Your pet will enjoy their stay with us so much, you may find yourself going on vacation more often!

Our Davie FL Pet Boarding Facility

Pet Boarding
As pet owners, we know how hard it is to establish a routine for your pets, which is why we make sure to ask all of our clients to let us know what their pet’s feeding times and habits are. We do everything to ensure that your established routines are followed so that your pet doesn’t experience anxiety over a new routine, and so that you can have the peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of the same way you would take care of them at home.

We offer great pet boarding rates, as well as low-cost memberships for dogs of all sizes. We also offer discounts on pet boarding for families with more than one pet! We always keep your family pets together.

For more information about our Davie FL pet boarding services, including information on our property and complimentary services, check out our Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding pages. We look forward to your furry baby’s stay with us.

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