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Pembroke Pines Dog Grooming

Pembroke Pines Dog Grooming

At TLC, we are always pushing to provide the best in Pembroke Pines Dog Grooming. Between our extensive processes and our experienced dog groomers, we can guarantee your dog will have the time of its life!

Our Prices

A la Carte Services & Treatment Upgrades:
Nail Polish: $5
Pembroke Pines Dog GroomingNail Trim: $10
Tooth Brushing: $7
Ear Cleaning: $7
Cat Nail Trim (Front Paws Only): $10
Cat Nail Trim (All Four Paws): $20
VIP Package: add $15
Premium shampoo of your choice: Add $5
Tooth brushing • Nail grinding • Bandana

Our Process

Check the Face – We are going to check the eyes, ears, teeth, and nose. We are looking for healthy moisture, attentiveness, calmness, and that the dogs are alert and present. Once all of these have been accounted for, we can do soft scrubbing and cleaning.

Check the Coat – Coats are important because they tell where a dog has been. We want to make sure there is a shine to it and that there are no mats. Mats usually mean a build-up of material at the base whether it be external influences or coming from the body.

Check the Belly – Same as on the top coat, if there is matting in the fur, if the fur doesn’t look as healthy as it needs to be, this is a problem that we alleviate.
Brief Wash – After this, we do a brief and thorough wash of the dog. We will smooth out the mats and make sure the skin is healthy and shiny.

TLC Pet Boarding

TLC Pet boarding has been providing the best boarding and grooming Pembroke Pines has had for a long time. If you would like to learn more about our services or the employees that we staff here, please give us a call today at (954) 295-5050

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