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Miramar Pet Boarding

Miramar Pet BoardingIf you’re located in Miramar and you’re thinking about going out of town, but are afraid of leaving your dog without a good place to stay, then you have to check out TLC Pet Boarding. Located near Miramar, in the city of Davie, our pet boarding facility is just the kind of place that you’ve always dreamed of for your pet. Miramar pet boarding facility is basically like a home-away-from-home for your dog or cat, as well as a vacation destination. You’ll be glad to know that we see our fair share of happily waggin’ tails here!

Miramar Pet Boarding

No loving pet owner would ever leave their best friend in a kennel facility. For dogs and cats being caged up all day is depressing and bad for their health, which is why we emphasize that we are NOT a kennel facility. In our facility, your dog will have plenty of room, inside and out, to play in or relax in. Depending on your dog’s social preferences, we’ll make sure your dog gets plenty of play time with friends (both the furry kind and the human kind), as well as cuddles and relaxation time. You can count on your dog having a great time, whether they’re with us for doggie daycare or for an extended amount of time.

Miramar Pet BoardingSafety and cleanliness are just as important to us as making sure your pet is having a good time, which is why we maintain a clean environment at all times. Along with making sure all surfaces and areas are disinfected throughout the day, we also spray all areas with flea and tick control on a monthly basis. A three-stage air filtration system keeps the air clean and breathable for both our furry-legged friends and the staff. Plus, your dog will never eat or drink from a dirty bowl, since all bowls are washed with dish soap and warm water before use.

Friends and family may suggest leaving your pet with them while you’re away, which may make you feel more comfortable, but this isn’t always the best choice for your pet. Why? Well, because friends and family may not have the time or the space to dedicate to your dog, which can just cause more stress for everyone involved. At TLC Pet Boarding your dog is our priority. We not only provide 24-hour supervision, but we’re experts at making sure all of our furry friends get special attention and lots of loving while they stay with us.

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Pet Boarding in Miramar FL

If you’re tired of looking for pet boarding in Miramar that’s affordable and reputable, stop your search! We’re just a short car ride away from Miramar and will provide your dog with a fun, safe, and memorable experience. Our dog boarding rates and doggie day care rates are low, and based on your dog’s age, weight, and sterilization. We also require a meet-and-greet before having your dog stay with us, so we can make sure everyone feels good about it. If you’d like to know more or would like to meet us and tour our facility before bringing in your friend, please give us a call today.

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