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How to Choose the Best Doggie Day Care

What are Doggie Day Cares?

We all love our pets, and they love us. But unfortunately, we cannot be with them all the time. A Doggie Day Care is a special facilities that take care of dogs during the day or whenever you’re unavailable.

There are usually only a few choices to make when deciding your doggie day care. Here at TLC Pet Boarding, we believe that we have assembled the perfect list for when you are ready to take your pup to his new home away from homes.

Choosing a Doggie Day Care

First things first, ask around. If you have friends from the dog park, ask them where they take their dogs, this might surprise you especially if your doggie already has a friend there. If you don’t have any friends that you can ask, there are always places to look online. Just search doggie day care and see what comes up. Read the reviews, comment and see if anyone replies, maybe you can get an inside scoop and compare opinions.

When you’ve narrowed down locations, it’s time to check for yourself. When you walk in, just follow your senses. Don’t take notes or anything like that but keep track of what is going on. Look at the dogs and see if they are happy. Smell the place, does it smell like the place is poorly maintained? Do the staff look happy?

Talk to the staff. Get a feel for them. More often than not, the staff at these doggie day cares are aspiring veterinarians or general dog lovers. You will know when there is a passion in somebody because you will find yourself mirroring it. On the contrary, you will know when they are starting to burn out. Ask how busy it is, ask how often they get to handle each dog individually. Pry as much information as you can out of them but also respect that they have a job to do and your contact is taking them away from that.

The next easy way to get a feel for a place is to look at the dogs. Look at them going in, do they look happy to be going in? You want your dog to be happy wherever he is going. Going to a new place to meet new dogs should make your dog excited and if it isn’t you might need to see if your dog suffers from anxiety.

Ask if there are trials you can do. It never hurts to ask, and you might get a free 3-day trial to any doggie day care. If not, just ask if you can do it for a week. Get your dog in there and see how they interact with the environment. Do they resemble all the characteristics of a happy canine? If yes, then congratulations you have found your dog a new second home! If not, then no harm no foul, they were still able to be watched for a little bit of time, and you have come away from the situation a little wiser.

If you want to train your dog to have well behaved when they are home, you might want to try boarding the dog. There are guides and materials available on our website TLC Pet Boarding. If you are curious or have any questions about the process give us a call at (954) 295-5050. We are available to chat and offer quotes and consultation.