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Healthy Treats for Your Dog

We all love and care for our pets, we buy them toys, give them comfy beds, play with them, and do everything else possible to keep them happy and healthy. With that being said, there are some delicious things that you can make or give to your dog as a tasty treat to offer a variety to their diet. Variety is the spice of life, so why not make sure your pet can enjoy a rich and diverse collection of flavors as you do.

Healthy Treats for Your Dog

Let’s Go Vegetarian

Now though you can go full vegetarian, and to that extent vegan with your dog, it is not typically recommended. Dogs need the essential fats, proteins, and vitamins available in meat. However, this should not prevent you from giving them a little something more to help diversify their palate.

10 New Options

  1. Rice- Easily digestible for dogs, cooked plain rice can be a great way to help a dog with stomach issues.
  2. Pineapple- Make sure you cut this tasty treat up into appropriate serving sizes. Pineapples have magnesium and manganese in them, both things dogs love.
  3. Pear- Filled with vitamin A and C and fiber, this is another fruit dogs love. Just make sure to take the seeds out before giving it to them, as these contain very trace amounts of cyanide.
  4. Strawberries- You can find these delicious fruits for your dog fresh during the season, or frozen ones for a refreshing treat, but be sure to avoid those with added sugars or syrup.
  5. Lettuce- Serve it with plain carrots and rice for a mock dog salad, or you can just throw it in with their food.
  6. Cucumber- A couple slices of this crunchy vegetable can help keep your dog hydrated on those hot days.
  7. Chia Seed- Filled with vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber, you can add these to your dog’s food for some added health benefits.
  8. Flaxseed- Another delicious seed for added healthy ingredients for your dog’s meals.
  9. Broccoli- We all know all of the health benefits broccoli has for us, is filled with vitamins and fiber, perfect for your dog’s health.
  10. Hardboiled eggs- Though not strictly vegetarian, hardboiled eggs are an excellent source of protein and calcium, thanks to the shell. Be careful though, as young and old dogs can have some problems with the shell.