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Hallandale Pet Boarding

Our Pet Boarding

Hallandale Pet BoardingWe provide the highest quality pet boarding services in Hallandale. We service both dogs and cats and provide a wide variety of services for them to ensure that they are returned to you as happy as possible. We have been the name in Hallandale pet boarding for several years and will continue to do so. Scroll down for our complete list of services!

Our Pet Boarding Services

Pet Taxi – IF you are having a problem getting your pet to our location, we can fix that for you. We offer up a secure and fun pet taxi service. You name the location, and we will gather your pet for you and bring them to our location.

Hallandale Pet Boarding Wide Sprawling Area – We are not a kennel, unlike some of our competitors, we provide a wide open area that is fun for all the pets to be playing in. Your animal companion won’t be cramped up in a small space but instead will be able to run free with a bunch of other pets like them!

Pet Grooming – Upon request, we offer comprehensive cat and dog grooming services for our customers. Anything from puppy paw pads to kitty claws can be worked on and groomed to your liking! All of which is done to your comfort and enjoyment!

Caring Workers – We have a comprehensive assembly of workers who care for and enjoy working with your pets. We also give them frequent breaks, so they don’t get burned out with your feline friend or canine companion!

TLC Pet Boarding

TLC has been working in Hallandale for several years and has constantly been a leading figure in the pet boarding world. With several returning and satisfied customers and even more happy pets, we constantly work to being the best in the industry. If you would like to learn more about our company or services, please give us a call today at (954) 295-5050

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