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Hallandale Beach Dog Training

Along with boarding, TLC knows how vital proper training is to your dog’s home life in Hallandale Beach. When it comes time to socialize your dog with other pets or people, you want to make sure that everyone is in a comfortable position. Our Hallandale Beach customers don’t have to worry about bringing their dogs to our facility because we offer training at your home for the ultimate convenience.

Hallandale Beach Dog Training

Our Services

Basics – Our basic dog training program is a 6-week long course where our Smart Paws trainers will come to your house once a week throughout the six weeks. We will provide information for a feeding schedule and correct issues like play biting, jumping, and digging. Along with that, we will also teach your dog commands like sit, stay, down, heel, bed, and come.

Advanced – Including the same curriculum from the basic course, the advanced training adds hand signals, handling outside distractions, and listening and obeying commands for a more extended period. The entire course is ten weeks long; however, it’s a life-long class, so if there is ever an issue, we’ll help you out with a refresher.

Daycare Training – If you prefer dropping your dog off at our facility, we offer dog daycare services. You can drop off your dog at our facility weekdays from 7 to 9 am, and pick up is from 5:30 to 7 pm. Our trainers will cover and train for specific problems, and we will send home videos for further instruction at home. We offer one training at the facility and at home to maintain similarity throughout your dog’s schedule.

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Hallandale Beach Dog Training

Our classes are entertaining but useful in assisting the owner, and the pet maintaining their roles within the relationship for many, many years. Our Smart Paws trainers are focused on correcting various behaviors for dogs of any shape and size. Owners can bring their dog to our facility if they have a busy schedule, but our Smart Paws trainers are readily available to come out to your home in Hallandale Beach for the ultimate advantage. For more information about how we can help you and your furry friend, give us a call at (954) 295-5050.

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