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Doggie Birthday Party with TLC Boarding!

Doggie Birthday Party with TLC Boarding!

Throw a Doggie Birthday Party at TLC Pet Boarding

Doggie Birthday Party with TLC Boarding!A super great way to show your appreciation and celebrate your furry baby is with a dog birthday party! It is fun, exciting and an excellent way to bring your friends and their dog closer to together.

Do you want to throw a doggie birthday party but aren’t sure where to begin? You wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of pet owners celebrate their pet’s birthday and might need some help in organizing this fun day. That is where we come in.

TLC Boarding loves animals and understands how important animals are to their family. That is why we are so proud to reveal our newest feature at our facility, Doggie birthday parties! It is your one stop shop for your birthday pet. We take the planning and provide an excellent fun day for you, your family and friends and all furry friends.

Our Doggie Birthday Party special is affordable, with rates starting at $150 for eight four-legged guests.

Included in the package:

  • A dog-friendly birthday cake
  • Balloons
  • Plenty of treats
  • Bones
  • As well as pictures of the event on a CD! You can cherish the memories forever!


Even if you aren’t sure when your little furry baby was born, you can make up a date and stick to it. If you adopted your furry baby, then celebrating the day of his adoption is a perfect reason to have a doggie birthday party. It doesn’t matter how someone or a pet became family; it just matters that they are family.

If you are interested in planning a doggy birthday party for your fur baby and want the convenience of having it all handle, then call TLC Boarding to discuss your party dreams. We are pet lovers too and know how important this is to you and your family.

Contact us today at (954) 295-5050 and let’s start planning!