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Dog Training

TLC Pet Boarding is so proud to offer dog training courses for your pet in Davie FL. Our classes are fun, effective and focused on helping both handler and pet. We have a new fear, no pain policy using fun and effective tactics to train dogs.

Our services include:

Basic Obedience

This dog training program is six weeks longs. Our Smart Paws trainers will come to your home once a week for six weeks.

  • Provide personal feeding schedule to encourage housebreaking
  • Correct Problems such as:
  1. Play biting
  2. Jumping
  3. Digging


  • We will also teach commands needed to train your dog proper obedience such as:
  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Down
  4. Heel
  5. Bed
  6. Come

Dog TrainingAdvanced Course

This dog training is ten weeks long. This includes the same curriculum as the basic obedience with the added benefit like:

  • Hand signals,
  • Outdoor distractions
  • Stay commands that will be enforced over a long period of time.

This course is a life-long course. If there is ever a problem, we will come back for a refresher course.

Bootcamp Dog Training Camp

This program is two weeks long. Your dog will stay at our training facility and will receive training three days a week. Your dog will receive plenty of distraction and socialization. At the end of the course, we provide one session a week for five weeks.

This includes:

  • HousebreakingDog Training
  • Problem solving
  • Hand signals

This is also part of the lifetime obedience as well.

Daycare Dog Training

  • Drop off your dog at our facility Monday through Friday between 7 am to 9 am. Pick up is at 5:30 – 7 pm.
  • Cover and help train for specific problems
  • Owners are sent home with Witten instruction and videos
  •  Two training sessions:
  1. one at the facility
  2. one at home

Call for schedule and more information!