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Dog Training Weston

Our Time in South Florida

TLC Pet Boarding has been working in pet grooming and pet boarding for several years, but many people don’t know we’ve been providing Weston dog training classes for just as long as well. In fact, many of our reviewers would consider us the best dog training Fort Lauderdale has to offer!

Between our expert dog trainers and quality customer support, we have helped countless dogs and owners rest easier at night.

Why Dog Training Weston is Great

Dog Training Weston

Obedience – This dog training program is six weeks longs. Our Smart Paws trainers will come to your home once a week for six weeks.

Anxiety – Our Bootcamp program is two weeks long. Your dog will stay at our training facility and will receive training three days a week. Your dog will receive plenty of distraction and socialization. At the end of the course, we provide one session a week for five weeks.

Sociable – The Advanced Course is ten weeks long. This includes the same curriculum as the basic obedience with the added benefit like:

  • Hand signals
  • Outdoor distractions
  • Stay commands

This course is a life-long course. If there is ever a problem, we will come back for a refresher course.

Who we serve classes

Dog Training Weston

We have ideal classes for every kind of dog, from older dogs to younger dogs. We aren’t picky about what types of dogs we work with, however, we do suggest keeping similarly aged dogs together. If you have an older dog, often it is much better than you keep a dog with same age groups to match energy.

TLC Pet Boarding

TLC Pet boarding has been providing the best grooming, training and boarding processes for South Florida for a long time. If you would like to learn more about our services or the employees that we staff here, please give us a call today at (954) 295-5050

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