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Dog Training Oakland Park FL

Understand that every dog should receive training to learn useful commands and showcase obedience. Training your dog builds a better relationship between you and your dog, and ultimately brings ease into both of your lives. Now, if you want to teach your dog some behavioral skills then contact us, we are offering dog training in Oakland Park FL.

Our Services

Dog Training Oakland Park FLBasic Obedience

The sessions are a bit lengthy, comprising of six weeks of dog training at your home in Oakland Park. The techniques revolve around helping your dog retain what he or she has learned. Learning basic obedience skills are essential for every dog, no matter their age or breed. Our basic obedience skills include commands like stay, sit, down, place, come, fetch, heel, release.

Advanced Obedience Training

If basic obedience is like primary school for dogs, advanced dog compliance training is like high school involving more advanced skills and behaviors. Both have their unique importance. Advanced dog training includes teaching some tricks too. You can count on us to show your young or old dog new tricks to behave better and break habits.

Doggie Boot Camp

We offer boarding and boot camp services to dogs who mainly display dog hostile behaviors towards other humans and animals. Our training and learning environment lets your dog spend the day with our professional trainers, making sure he will learn good manners and obedience during the whole training process. Our Dog boot camp will produce a happier dog which ultimately leads to a friendly relationship between the dog and his owner.

Dog Training Oakland Park FLPrivate Lessons

We also offer exclusive, customized, and private lessons to modify your dog’s aggressive nature and behavior. If you have an older dog that is not customarily socialized, private lessons may be the best option to choose. Contact us today, and we will assure you that your dog will learn to communicate more effectively and happily resulting in an amicable relationship for the two of you.

TLC Pet Boarding

We commit to offering the best services in Oakland Park for dog training and rehabilitation making sure your dog obeys you and shows polite behavior in front of strangers and friends alike. We do not shy away from taking on a challenge, and no matter what the breed or age of the dog is, we are confident in our abilities, and we offer a wide variety of training programs all at different levels to help you get the right placement and training for your dog. This will not only improve his behavior but help to grow at a comfortable level. For more information, explore our website for specials we have going on right now!

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