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Dog Training in Lighthouse Point, Florida

Dog Training in Lighthouse Point, FloridaHave a furry friend but don’t know how to maintain a pet and owner relationship? Suppose you bought a dog but are frustrated about his behavior and wants a change. You can train him to act and behave better in no time! You need the help of an experienced dog trainer, and we are here to assist you with dog training classes in Lighthouse Point FL.

Are you looking for dog trainers in Lighthouse Point? Contact us; we are not just offering help but the right kind of compassion and understanding which your dog needs at the moment. Our key focus is to train your beloved dog to follow basic, and possibly, advanced commands. Our dog training services are aimed at creating a good relationship between you and your dog. We’re efficient, effective, and quick all at once. Treating behavioral problems of dogs are our specialty, and this is where our expertise lies.

TLC Pet Boarding offers services to all breeds of dogs and puppies across Lighthouse Point and Central Florida. Not only do we train dogs, but their owners as well. We also board and have a boot camp in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Our essential services are boarding and teaching at different difficulty levels.

Obedience and Training Program

Dog Training in Lighthouse Point, Florida

We offer six weeks of obedience and training experience; it’s one of our most popular programs. It includes daily doses of structure, rules, and supervised play in a daily routine.  So, if you are looking for excellent obedience and improving their canine-human relationship in Lighthouse Point, then this program is a good choice. During the training, your dog will develop a new foundation and neurological behaviors that will make it easy for you to continue the practice at your home.

Behavioral Modification

This package is usually for those dogs that have aggressive nature. Also, dogs who display severe fear, anxiety, and aggression are best served in this behavioral modification program. Contact us so that we can discuss the severity of your dog’s anxiety to create a plan that fits precisely for your dog. The program is a crucial component in reshaping your dog’s state of mind.

TLC Pet Boarding

Whenever a brand-new furry friend needs our services, we treat them as our own from the very start. Every dog has the potential to correct some habitual behavior resulting in an obedient best friend for life! Our dog training program is easy enough for owners to practice at home, yet still effective. Contact us today at (954) 295-5050 and inquire more about our plans and our rates.

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