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Dog Kennels vs. Dog Boarding

There are a lot of questions coming up about the difference between dog kennels and dog boarding. While the two terms are more often fusing, there is still a lot of difference between dog boarding and dog kennels, mainly in the way that the dogs are treated, the location, and the personnel involved.

Dog Kennels vs. Dog BoardingWhat are Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels are professional establishments that house dogs for periods of time. These can range from small locations that specifically hold dogs to kennel services provided by veterinarians and pet shops. Often you will see vets, pet stores, and groomers have kennel areas in the back.

While these locations are good for temporary holdovers, they do not provide a healthy environment for dogs. This doesn’t mean that kennels are all like this, and professional kennels are beginning to offer more home-oriented commodities. But this is where the line begins to blue. The fundamental difference between them is that kennels are meant for holding dogs, dog boarding is meant to care for dogs.

Dog Kennels vs. Dog Boarding What is Dog Boarding

Pet Boarding provides the same service as dog kennels with a different execution. Dog boardings are services that hold dogs and care for them as if they were their dogs. Instead of being layover real estate for other businesses, dog boarding is the primary service that these people offer. Pet boarding is where you want to take your dog if you want them to be happy.

Pet board provides care and play for dogs while the owner is away. Often dog boarding locations are based out of peoples homes, so they are meant to be comfortable and welcoming. The majority of pet boarding locations have large yards and play areas.

TLC Pet Boarding

TLC takes pet boarding to heart. Tender loving care is in the title of our establishment. Pet boarding is the way of the future. Dogs are complex creatures, and they deserve and require special attention. Too often do dogs have social anxiety and stress issues which cause long-term health problems. When you have your pet boarded instead of staying in a kennel, you are allowing the dog to be happy and enjoy it’s time away so that when it sees you it’s happy and when you leave it’s happy.

TLC Pet Boarding provides excellent dog services. We also offer pet taxi services and offer the four paw treatment by our dog hotel standards. If you care for your canine companion and want the best for it, then you should contact us today!