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Dog Grooming Services in Tamarac, FL

Looking for dog grooming services in Tamarac? TLC Pet Boarding offers a wide array of dog and cat grooming services for pet owners in the area.

Take a look at what our professional groomers offer to Broward County and South Florida.

Dog Grooming Services in Tamarac, FL

Dog Grooming Spa Treatments in Tamarac

Full Spa Treatment

Our skilled dog groomers will provide you dog with a full shampoo wash using a premium shampoo of your choice. Among these is ultra-oatmeal, snow white, moisturizing conditioner, and dirty dog shampoo. Each comes with a pleasant scent that fully cleans and enriches dingy, dirty coats.

We’ll also provide brushing, ear cleaning, nail grinding or trimming, and coat shaping. Finally, we provide a clean-up of the rump, belly, paws, and eyes.

Basic Spa Treatment

Your dog will receive a pleasant bath with our deodorizing oatmeal shampoo. They’ll also receive a brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, fur trim, and basic cleanup.

Mini Spa Treatment

This is the basic care experience you need to get your dog looking and smelling fresh once again. They’ll receive a bath with our deodorizing oatmeal shampoo and a thorough brushing afterward.

Dog Grooming Treatment A la Carte

If you’re looking for a specific service that’s included in our dog grooming spas, we offer each part a la carte. We offer nail polish, nail trimming, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and more for fair and competitive prices.

We also offer cat nail trimming for lower rates than our full cat grooming service.

Finally, if you’re not up for one of our spas, you may be interested in our VIP package. This will include a choice of one of our shampoos, tooth brushing, nail grinding, and a cute bandana to send them home with.

Specialty Treatments and Washes

We have medicated shampoos and creams to help dogs and cats suffering from infections or dry, irritated skin. TLC Pet Boarding offers hydration therapy, hypoallergenic treatment, antifungal and parasitic care, itch relief, and flea care.

Additionally, our facility operates with our Flea-Free policy. If your pet is carrying fleas upon entering our care, we will immediately provide them a flea bath, which includes a $5 charge. This is to keep your pet healthy and other boarded animals safe.

Tamarac Dog Grooming – TLC Pet Boarding

TLC Pet Boarding has many years of experience caring for, grooming, and training pets. We insist upon a clean, safe facility that keeps your pets free from harm or unsanitary conditions. We know that pets can be like family, and that’s why we take every effort to make sure they have a positive experience in our care.

To schedule one of our dog grooming services, book online with us today! For all other questions, give us a call at (954) 295-5050.

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