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Dog Grooming Services in Miramar, FL

TLC Pet Boarding offers premier dog grooming services in Miramar, FL. Our full grooming spa treatments are thorough, and exactly what your pet needs to freshen up.

We are a team of trusted dog groomers whose goal is to provide a friendly environment for your pet and leave our customers satisfied. We believe that each pet requires and deserves special treatment, and we provide that with our grooming and specialty treatments. Take a look at what TLC Pet Boarding has to offer!

Dog Grooming Services in Miramar, FL

Dog Grooming Specialty Treatments in Miramar, FL

Our pets can suffer from irritating skin conditions just as we can. You may notice your pet biting, scratching, and further irritating affected areas on their bodies. Our medicated treatments can help provide relief and stimulate healing of infections and skin conditions.

Dog Grooming Intensive Hydration – This treatment is based for basic irritation brought on by dry skin. It contains an array of humectants, Aloe Vera, glycerine, lactic acid, and propylene glycol to keep inflammation at bay and allow the skin to heal.

Hypoallergenic Treatment – If your pet has allergies, they will require treatment free of fragrances or harsh ingredients. TLC Pet Boarding in Miramar can provide this for your beloved pet.

Antiseptic and Antifungal – If the dog has an infection such as dermatitis or pyoderma, lanolin and Aloe Vera can provide relief. Your pet won’t feel the need to bite or scratch so that the infection can heal before it gets worse.

Hot Spot and Itch Relief – This treatment contains lidocaine and hydrocortisone to reduce redness and swelling. This is ideal for any condition that triggers excessive scratching that is further damaging the skin. Colloidal oatmeal and Aloe Vera are also used to help moisturize and soothe.

Flea and Tick – Fleas and ticks must be dealt with immediately to prevent medical issues. This wash cleans and exfoliates while killing off any remaining pests.

Flea Free Policy

We understand that fleas should be dealt with immediately, especially when boarding pets from many different homes. Our groomers will inspect for fleas and provide a mandatory flea bath if found. This is to benefit the health of all pets groomed and boarded at TLC Pet Boarding. Rest assured that your dog will be in safe hands!

Miramar Dog Grooming Services at TLC Pet Boarding

In addition to our specialty medicated treatments, we provide full-scale spa services for your best friend! This includes shampooing, brushing, nail trimming, blow dry, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and more! Our trusted groomers know just what your pet needs to feel happy, healthy, and ready to go!

First-time customers receive 20% off our premium dog grooming services as well as free pet boarding or pet taxi up to 5 miles! Book an appointment online or give us a call at (954)-295-5050 to schedule your dog grooming service today!

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