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Dog Grooming in Oakland

We offer dog grooming to Oakland, Florida residents because we understand how important it is for pets to be properly cared for. We also understand that different dogs have different needs, which is why we offer mini, basic, and full spa services, as well as VIP treatment and a la carte services.

When people visit us for the first time, there are a few questions they usually have. In this article, we’ll address a few of those questions and let you know what you can do to ensure your dog is clean.

Dog Grooming in Oakland

How Often Should I Take My Dog to Be Professionally Groomed?

It’s difficult to give an exact answer to this question, since different pets have different kinds of coats, and those coats are kept at different lengths. As well, you have to take your dog’s breed into account when determining how often they need professional dog grooming services.

Generally speaking, it’s wise to have your dog professionally groomed once a month. If your vet recommends a different time frame, or you think your dog is looking unclean, you may want to increase the frequency of these visits. A dog grooming professional will also be able to give you a more exact answer, taking into account the specifics of your dog and your situation.

Can I Get My Dog Professionally Groomed If It Has Fleas?

Some people worry that their pet won’t be accepted if it has fleas. Though we have a Flea Free policy at TLC Pet Boarding, we’ll of course accept your pet. This policy simply means that our very first action will be to put your pet in a flea bath. This helps keep it clean and healthy, and it also protects the other pets who are with us. This service comes with a $5 fee.

 Can I Choose Which Shampoo You Use on My Dog

Yes, at TLC Pet Boarding, we have a number of different shampoos we use during our dog grooming services. These include premium shampoos that have different scents, moisturizes, and more. Which shampoo we recommend will of course vary based on your dog.

Looking for a Dog Grooming Service in Oakland, Florida?

Look no further! At TLC Pet Boarding, we help pet owners just like you ensure that their animals are clean. For years, we’ve been Oakland’s pet groomer of choice because of the dedication and personalized care we bring to every pet who comes through our doors.

If you’re thinking about bringing your pet in and want to know more about our services, please don’t hesitate to call or text us at (954) 295-5050.