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Dog Grooming in Coconut Creek

A nicely groomed dog looks beautiful and attractive to everyone. Grooming keeps the dog skin and coats healthier. Regular brushing, bathing, and combing is essential in maintaining good health and ensures a bright coat. Groomed dogs have a healthy and shiny coat because it stimulates blood supply to the skin. For outstanding dog grooming services in Coconut Creek, you can count on TLC Pet Boarding.

Services We offer

  • Initial Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Combing
  • Pre-Bath Clipping
  • Hair Trimming
  • Cleaning of Ear and Eyes
  • Nail Clipping

We have well trained and experienced dog groomer who uses minute equipment’s specialized for your pet’s comfort and safety. We have professional staff happy to discuss in depth your dog’s requirement and the required grooming to give your dog a new beautiful look.

Dog Grooming in Coconut Creek


Bath is an essential part of dog care as it removes an unpleasant odor and the accumulated dirt on his skin. It helps to eliminate hair loss and scales dirt and debris and improve hair shine. Special shampoos and conditioners can be used to dogs with skin allergies, sensitive skin, and

Trimming and Hair Removal

Trimming is a necessary part of grooming; styles vary by breed and discipline. Trimming can be performed to keep the eyes and nose clear of fur and long hair and keep the main body free of dirt and knots. Clean and Sterilized trimming tools are available for trimming.


Stainless steel combs help brush and comb the tail. Here we use bristle brush which is used on dogs with long coats to finish the skin and to bring out the natural luster. Brushing also helps to remove the knots and give proper shape to the hair or fur.

TLC Pet Boarding

Please contact us to make a reservation today and get our professional services for pet grooming. We are proudly serving in Coconut Creek, Florida for more than ten years. Visit our dog grooming center for further details. Grooming is a significant part of the well-being and healthiness which can improve the lifespan of a dog.  It makes a close bond between the owner and the dog. We offer a quality grooming service in Coconut Creek, Florida to groom your dog in a safe and loving environment.

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