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Dog Grooming in Aventura, Florida

Hygienic care, also known as dog grooming, can enhance the physical appearance of your dog and help them relax. A dog is groomed for showing or appearing in any competition. Grooming depends on a dog breed, health, and age. Grooming is not limited to cutting hair and brushing teeth, it also includes a bath with shampoo and blow dry, nail trim, ear and teeth cleaning, scissoring feet, anal gland cleaning, and pad shaving. Understand how we can help you with the best grooming in Aventura FL and why it is so important for your pet.

Why Dog Grooming is Important

Grooming is not only good for looks as well as good for the overall health of your dog. The owner should start training and grooming of a dog at an early age, it helps to reduce the chance of various health problems like scratches, and other skin problems, maintain the cleanliness of dog, make a close bond between dog and owner, reduce parasites on the skin, avoid matting that causes health concerns.

Services We Offer

Dog Grooming in Aventura, Florida


A regular bath can keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy, but bathing frequently could cause itching, irritation and dry out his skin. Bathing frequency depends on his coat length and type of activities he performs daily. Specialized dog shampoo and cold water should use for bathing; human shampoo contains perfume and dyes and can irritate dog skin.


Brushing a dog’s coat is very important for daily shedding control. Use the brush in the direction of hair growth, starting at the head and moving down the neck, brittle brush with closely spaced bristles should be used for a dog with short or coarse coats. A slicker brush can be used on the dog to remove mats or tangles and remove dead hear.

Fur Trimming

Fur trimming is as essential as brushing and bathing; it is tricky because coats of different breeds grow differently. Sheers and Clippers are used for fur trimming depending on the length of the cut and the owner’s desired hairstyle. Sheer trim the fur around the dog’s ear, eye, and feet. Clippers are used to cut the hair on dog’s back, legs, and stomach blade of the clipper determine the length of the hair.

TLC Pet Boarding

Our mission is to provide a loving, safe environment for your dog grooming experience. Keeping your pet happy and safe during their stay with us is always our top priority. We never use tranquilizers or drugs during the grooming process; we believe in only tender positive techniques. We groom all breeds, ages, and all sizes dogs at Aventura, Florida.  Our rates are very reasonable as compared to others in the market.

With years of satisfied and happy owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to groom and care for your dog as if it were our own. Our goal is to provide pet grooming services to all our customers in a clean, safe and friendly environment. Our staff is well qualified, trained and equipped with all those facilities which are helpful for dog grooming. Our groomer uses good quality products for grooming with proper health and safety standards.

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