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Dog Boarding

Dog BoardingPets are your extended family and are treated as family by our TLC Pet Boarding Club in Davie. As pet owners, we completely understand the importance of ensuring your pet is cared for in a safe, secure dog boarding facility when you’re away and offer the best in hospitality for every extended pet stay. TLC Pet Boarding offers a warm, loving environment so that you have peace of mind no matter where you go.

The TLC Pet Boarding Difference

Our promise to you is to love and care for your dog throughout your dog’s stay, including dishing out ample petting, playing, and anything else your dog might need.

You are kept updated:

  • Check your worries at the door. We send you complimentary pictures and/or video updates of your pets via text, so that you are assured that your pet is healthy and happy while you’re away.

 Dogs maintain their routine:

  • We follow your dog’s regular home routine to the best of our ability to minimize the stress and challenge of a transitioning to a new environment.

All dogs enjoy plentiful outdoor time:

  • We are not a kennel facility – your dog roams free in our home. A one-acre, fully-fenced backyard makes it possible for dogs in groups of up to eight – considering size and temperament get the most out of playtime.
  • Adult dogs enjoy a minimum of four 10-20 minute potty breaks and playtime.
  • Puppies are released an additional two times a day, 30 minutes after feeding time. All dogs under 18 months old experience a total of six 10-20 minute periods outside. Your puppy or dog will be as happy as can be with our cage-free dog boarding.
  • We lovingly completely towel dry your dog, paying careful attention to all fur and paws.

Facilities are climate controlled:

  • Adult dogs will eat, sleep, and rest indoors in their dedicated area, which is climate controlled with either air conditioning or heating as needed.
  • Your dog receives a private space for eating and sleeping, as well as your dog’s personal belongings, either in a 3’ x 5’ or a 6’ x 5’ play pen depending on size.
  • We know that some pet owners leave their dog’s food available at all times and adhere to this preference to avoid potential upset stomachs from consumption of another dog’s food.

Dogs stay with their family:

  • If you’re boarding more than one animal with us, your pets are kept together.

Dogs are supervised:

  • Whether indoors or out, dogs are never left alone. Dogs that experience separation anxiety always have a helpful human watching over them during their stay.

How to Decide if TLC Pet Boarding is the Right Dog Boarding Service for You

  • It’s important to you that your dog’s food and belongings are kept in assigned cubby holes.Dog Boarding
  • After every meal, food and water bowls are washed with soap and hot water.
  • All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily. Our clean environment is also ensured by our three-stage air filtration system.
  • Each month, indoors and outdoors facilities are sprayed for flea and tick control.
  • Your dog drinks bottled water rather than faucet water – only the best for our four-legged guests.
  • Grooming is available by appointment.

With TLC Pet Boarding Club, your pooch will make new human and canine friends.

About Our Dog Boarding Facility

Dog Boarding Facility Rates

If you’re looking for the best option for dog boarding service available, you’ll find our rates are affordable and based on weight, age, and sterilization. Choose us to receive the best in pet care, according to the highest standards.

Pets can be dropped off and picked up seven days a week with the exception of holidays. All of our rates are for 24-hour pet boarding and we charge half a day for 1-5 hours after the 24th hour. We charge a full day for 5 hours or more after the 24th hour.

For example, if an animal is dropped off on Monday at 11:00 a.m. and picked up Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., the fee incurred would be for a day and a half of service. If pick up is at 5:00 PM, the reservation would be charged for two full days.

The TLC Doggie Day Care area is accompanied by:

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Training sessions
  • Indoor play center
  • Puppies, adults and senior suites with amenities like flat screen TV
  • Deluxe bedding
  • Calming colors
  • Oversized large windows for outdoor views
  • Classical music
  • If your dog’s birthday happens to coincide with your pet’s stay, we’ll throw him or her a complimentary birthday party, showering your dog with extra special attention on this special day.

Before Your Dog Stays with Us, We Require:

  • A consultation: Before boarding your dog, we want to meet him or her and ensure placement in our home is a good fit and that we can appropriately address any additional care requirements.
  • Proof of current vaccinations: To ensure all our guests remain healthy, each time you dog comes to us, we’ll check that everything is up to date. All pets must be fully vaccinated and current with:
    • Rabies & DHPP (1 year or 3 year acceptable).
    • Bordetella (within 6 months).
  • Food preparation: Your dog should come to us with food individually bagged and labeled. This ensures your dog is fed with what he or she needs and avoids discomfort from an unusual diet.
  • Personal accompaniments: While we have proper supply (with the exception of pets that are allergic to certain materials), we know dogs are more comfortable when recognizing a favorite bed, pillow, blankets, non-ceramic plastic or metal bowls, food, treats, crate (required for puppies in training), favorite toy, and chewing bone.
  • Complementary temperament: All dogs must be house broken, and friendly with other dogs, people and children.

We’ll be sad to see your family member go, but we’re confident that once you and your pet have experienced TLC Pet Boarding, you’ll be back when you need a great pet boarding service.

Our apologies: Our facilities are unable to support non-neutered adult male dogs; non-neutered puppies up to a year of age are acceptable.

We look forward to hearing from you! Use one of the convenient options below to schedule your dog’s home away from home.