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Deerfield Beach Dog Training

If your dog exhibits unusual behavior and aggression, don’t freak out! We are here to help you! We at TLC Pet Boarding, commit ourselves to offer the best services in dog training in Deerfield Beach as well as rehabilitation services. We make sure to build a relationship of love, trust, and respect between you and your dog.

Whatever issues your dog may be experiencing whether it’s housebreaking, dog obedience issues, encountering strangers, dominance, aggression or anything else, we know how to address all the problems and turn your furry friend into a well-behaved, polite, and friendly puppy.

Deerfield Beach Dog Training

Why Choose Us?

  • Train All Sizes, Ages, and Breeds
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Safe and Humane Training Methods

Basic Obedience

It is always better to start with a basic obedience class regardless of the age or breed of your dog. It mainly involves learning basic behavioral skills like sitting, standing, staying, running, etc. This training session can be lengthy, comprising of some weeks depending on the dog’s learning capabilities and continued reinforcement. The techniques revolve around helping your dog retain what they’ve learned.


The intermediate course is designed for dogs who have mastered basic skills. This class focuses on refining the basic skills and challenging the dogs. It covers obeying behaviors on cue from a reasonable distance with increasing distractions, instant recall away from distractions, impulse control exercises, a few impressive tricks, and more.

Boot Camp Training

A boot camp dog training program is developed to teach your dog both basic commands, plus advanced skills. This program is great for dogs who may need a little more help with the challenges they face. If basic obedience is like primary school for dogs, boot camp training is like high school involving more advanced skills and behaviors. Both have their own importance; boot camp training includes teaching some tricks, too. You can count on us to teach your young or old dog new tricks and commands.

TLC Pet Boarding

We provide a wide range of classes of dog training in Deerfield Beach that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our trainers, with all their prior experience, are equipped to providing you and your dog with the best way to achieve your goals even after training sessions.

Our dog trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques, reward-based training methods, and different sports and games to not only improve dog behavior but help your pet grow at a comfortable level. We are focused on not only training your dog but teaching owners how to best communicate with their dogs, without using fear, submission, and intimidation.

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