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Davie Pet Boarding

Davie Pet BoardingDoes your dog or cat need a safe place to stay while you’re away? If you’re located in Davie, then you’re in luck because that’s just where TLC Pet Boarding is located too! TLC Pet Boarding is a doggie day care and pet boarding facility committed to providing a safe and loving environment for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. We’re “bone”-a-fied pet lovers who will take care of your precious pals as if they were our own, so you can have peace of mind no matter how far or how long you’re away.

Davie Pet Boarding

There aren’t many pet boarding facilities like ours in Davie. Unlike some that you may have encountered, we DO NOT believe in keeping your dog or cat caged up all day. We like to think that bringing your dog to TLC Pet Boarding is like dropping your dog off for a fun-filled vacation of their own. Our in-home facility features some paw-fect amenities, like a fully-fenced, one-acre backyard and dedicated, air-conditioned spaces for them to relax in. Your dog will have the chance to feel totally relaxed, or romp around with new friends!

Davie Pet BoardingKeeping our facilities clean is a high-priority for us, and one that we work to maintain every minute of the day. All of the surfaces within our Davie facility are cleaned and disinfected several times throughout the day. We also spray our indoor and outdoor spaces on a monthly basis to avoid any flea or tick problems. Doggies will always eat and drink from clean bowls and any doggie mistakes are taken care of immediately. Our dog boarding facility is so clean that many of our clients have asked us how we’ve kept our location pet odor-free!

Is your dog a little shy about new faces or places? Not to worry! Before staying at our facility without Mom or Dad, we always ask that we meet your best friend (and they meet us) first. We do this so that everyone is happy, and so that we can get to learn a little more about your four-legged baby. We like to keep the same routine you keep with your pet, so that your dog or cat doesn’t get too homesick, which means we’ll ask questions regarding feeding times, your pet’s likes and dislikes, and more. In the end, everyone benefits from this meeting.

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Pet Boarding in Davie FL

South Florida can be an expensive place to board your pet. With so many pet boarding businesses charging an arm, a leg, and even a paw, TLC Pet Boarding in Davie has made it possible for working moms and dads to have a safe place to leave their best friends. Our dog boarding rates are affordable and reasonable without sacrificing on quality or service. At TLC Pet Boarding, your dog is guaranteed to receive all the love and attention they would get from you at home (plus maybe a little extra!), so don’t waste another minute searching for a friend or kennel that’ll take your four-legged friend in, and come check out TLC Pet Boarding!

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