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Davie Dog Training

The Benefits of Training your Dog

Davie Dog Training You should always be training your dog. As much as we love man’s best friend, they are still prone to their characteristics and well-being. If you don’t stand your ground and teach your dog what is best and right in your household, it will quickly become their household. This is why we offer some of the best Dog Training Davie has to offer!

Ideal plans for Davie Dog Training

Public Lessons – Having lessons with other dogs is a great way for group training. Dogs are innately pack animals, and if you incorporate dogs into packs earlier, it will teach them their roles in a pack much sooner. Our trainers are experts at establishing themselves as Alphas and leaders of the pack.

Davie Dog Training

Private Lessons – Having Private Lessons are better for older dogs who haven’t been exposed to pack logic yet and might have problems with anxiety in public spaces. By working with them one-on-one, we will make a progressive and positive learning experience for your dog! Call today for special rates and prices!

Intensive Training – Sometimes dogs need complete overhauls of training to get all the concepts up front. These are blended interactions between private and public lessons to discombobulate the dog’s sense of pack identity and establish itself as part of the pack. These are usually for particularly stubborn dogs and smaller dogs.

TLC Pet Boarding

If you are looking for one of the best experiences for training and making your dog much happier than give us a call today!

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