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Coral Springs Doggie Daycare

Best Dog Daycare and Boarding Services in Coral Springs, Florida

If you are looking to have your dog well cared while going out of the town or want him to be fully trained, then you are in the right place! TLC Pet Boarding, of Coral Springs, Florida, is committed to creating a positive and friendly relationship between your pet and you. Among the benefits of getting our dog services to include looking after your dog and providing him with the most comfort and maximum fun while you are traveling or if an emergency arises. At TLC Pet Boarding, we treat your beloved dogs as they were our own and with the facilities like air-conditioned indoors, fenced outdoor yards, ceiling fans, finished floors, TV, and incandescent lighting; we make sure to minimize the stress of being separated from their owners.

Coral Springs Doggie Daycare

Services We Offer

TLC Pet Boarding is the ultimate vacation spot for your dogs and beloved puppies. We offer pet boarding, essential to advanced obedience skills, pet care and socialization at economical prices. Our pricing ensures that your pet will have all the facilities, comfort, and care that he or she needs without hidden charges.

Doggie Day Care

We have an indoor play and a large yard where your dog will get plenty of exercises, play with other dogs of the same size, and interact with our caring trainers to learn different skills. This indoor area ensures that your dog can play, exercise, and enjoy the most of every day regardless of the weather in Coral Springs.

Doggie Boot Camp

Coral Springs Doggie DaycareThis may be the perfect training choice if you want to remove the unwanted or aggressive behaviors of your dog, having problems controlling him or if you’re going to teach him basic and advanced obedience skills. In a training camp, we will help you change everything and improve your dog be more friendly and obedient.  We have developed a customized exercise regime and a list of obedience commands, different for each dog to teach proper socialization and overcome the behavioral issues if any are present.

Because your pets are under our supervision, we work all around the clock making every possible effort to enforce all positive reinforcement techniques to achieve desired results. We will have a training session with you to show you everything your dog has learned during his or her stay with our professional and caring staff; also, we teach you how to maintain the training and behavior of your dog in future.

TLC Pet Boarding

For any more information about our dog training and boarding services, please give us a call at 954) 295-5050. We have been in the dog boarding and training business for many years, allowing us to utilize our experience to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients and their furry friends. Our Coral Springs residents deserve to have a pet boarding company that they can trust.

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