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Coral Springs Dog Training

Are you looking for dog training in Coral Springs?

TLC Pet Boarding employs talented and experienced dog trainers to assist you with pet handling.

Take a look at how our dog training program can improve your pet’s behavior.

Coral Springs Dog Training

Our Coral Springs Dog Training Program

TLC Pet Boarding offers several types of dog training programs to meet your expectations regarding your pet’s behavior.

Basic Obedience Program

This is a quick dog training program that can benefit dogs of all types. It will last for six weeks and allow your pet to stay in a comfortable home environment as our Smart Paws training expert comes to you.

This training course will address common problems such as housebreaking, biting, jumping, or digging up the lawn. Our trainers know how to utilize positive reinforcement techniques to condition your pet to ideal behavior.

Your pet will also learn to obey basic commands such as to sit, stay, heel, come, and so on. This training process will provide them with mental stimulation and make them a happier, well-behaved pet around the home.

Advanced Dog Training Course

This course is slightly longer than our basic course and goes on for ten weeks. Your pet will learn all of the same things offered in the previous tier with some added benefits.

Your dog will learn to respond appropriately to designated hand signals, how to correctly handle outdoor distractions, and learn to stay for long periods of time whenever necessary.

The best part is that this training course is lifelong. Anytime you notice that your pet’s behavior is regressing, our training experts will return to assist you.

Dog Training Bootcamp

This is a more intensive training course that will take place at our facility over the course of two weeks.

They will be trained three days a week as opposed to once a day. During their stay, they’ll receive plenty of socialization with trainers and animals. They will learn all of the aforementioned skills such as housebreaking, problem solving, and hand signals. We finish off this process by visiting your pet once a week for five additional weeks.

Daycare Training

This program is great for pet owners who require dog training as well as a dog sitter during the day. We’ll take care of your pet at our facility between the hours of 7am – 7 pm. During their stay with us we’ll train your pet to overcome specific behavioral issues. When it’s time to pick up your pet, we’ll send you home with written and video instruction to continue training your pet at home.

Benefits of Coral Springs Dog Training with TLC Pet Boarding

There are numerous benefits to training your pet with TLC Pet Boarding. It not only improves your dog’s behavior; it can give you a better understanding of your pet while teaching them to trust others. It also provides them with ample mental stimulation which controls their energy levels and eases anxiety. As a result, you’ll have a happier, more sociable pet.

To schedule your dog training session, book online with us today! For more information, give us a call at (954) 295-5050.


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