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Cooper City Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare and Training Services in Cooper City, Florida

Cooper City Doggie DaycareAre you fond of dogs and planning to buy a new one but worried about how you would handle him? What if he won’t behave politely and friendly with you? What if he attacks strangers and kids? Are these thoughts continually letting you down? Don’t stress it out as long as we are in the town. TLC Pet Boarding is committed to providing training and dog daycare services that your dog needs.

We promise to do everything possible to make your dog stay polite, loyal and friendly to you and others. Regardless of the age, breed and social behavior of the dog, we offer a complete range of care for your dog including daycare, training, and boarding. Based in Cooper City, Florida, we would love to meet your dog. Rest assured your dog will feel comfortable and pampered when he’s under our supervision.

Services We Offer 

Cooper City Doggie DaycareWhen you are looking for a dog resort in Florida, rely on TLC Pet Boarding dog daycare services. Our experienced and professional team offers more than just dog daycare. Our exceptional dog services include:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Boarding
  • Day Care
  • Customized Training Programs

Basic Training

If you own a puppy or an adult dog no matter what the breed is and whether he is social or unsocial, every dog needs training, and it’s better to start with the basics. Basic dog training is teaching your dog common commands like sitting, standing, staying, name recognition and solving behavioral issues.

Advanced Training

Advanced training takes everything to another level involving techniques and training for dogs who have already mastered basic training skills. Advanced training skills help your dog surpass the basics into more advanced commands and tricks. Advanced skills improve if you want your pet to participate in activities like dog sports, dog service, and competition obedience.

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