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Cooper City Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

If you are looking for the best Cooper City dog boarding services, you’ve found it in TLC Pet Boarding. We create the highest quality pet boarding services in the city. All of our technicians have years of experience as well as are experts in the field!

Your Dog Day Care Services

Cooper City Dog Boarding Dog Taxi – If you are worried about getting your dog from point A to Point B, don’t be, because, with our dog taxi services, we can have your puppy riding in style. They will be safely secured and comfortable during transit by our trained and skilled driver!

Pet Hotel – We are not a kennel, we are a pet boarding facility, and because of that we have high standards. For TLC, we like to consider our location to be a pet hotel, not a boarding facility. So click here if you want to learn more about our 4-paw treatment.

Grooming – If you want to have your shaggy dogged returned to you with a full-service grooming, we have you covered. We do haircuts, baths, nail clippings and more!

Our Dog Grooming Process

Cooper City Dog BoardingCheck the Face – We are going to check the eyes, ears, teeth, and nose. We are looking for healthy moisture, attentiveness, calmness, and that the dogs are alert and present.

Check the Coat – Coats are important because they tell where a dog has been. We want to make sure there is a shine to it and that there are no mats; meaning build up of material at the base.

Check the Belly – Same as on the top coat, if there is matting in the fur, if the fur doesn’t look as healthy as it needs to be, this is a problem that we alleviate.

Brief Wash – After this, we do a brief and thorough wash of the dog. We will smooth out the mats and make sure the skin is healthy and shiny.

Pet Boarding in Cooper City FL

South Florida can be an expensive place to board your pet. With so many pet boarding businesses charging an arm, a leg, and even a paw, TLC Cooper City Dog Boarding has made it possible for working moms and dads to have a safe place to leave their best friends. Our dog boarding rates are affordable and reasonable without sacrificing on quality or service. At TLC Pet Boarding, your dog is guaranteed to receive all the love and attention they would get from you at home (plus maybe a little extra!), so don’t waste another minute searching for a friend or kennel that’ll take your four-legged friend in, and come check out TLC Pet Boarding!

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