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Checking Out A New Doggy Day Care

Checking Out A New Doggy Day Care Things to check for at any Doggy Day Care

As pet parents, you might worry about your dog while you are away at work. Work does take up all day and while you are working hard for your money, your poor pet is stuck at home with nothing to do, waiting for you to return. You should consider a doggy day care for your pet so while you are away, your dog can socialize, run around and play with other dogs while you are away at work. While you are away, your dog at his doggy day care can get his much needed physical outlet to get out all the physical energy out of him so when he comes home, he is just as tired as you are. The two of you can just curl up and read a book or watch television but you won’t have to chase around him too much because he had quite a day as well. If you are unsure where to begin when it comes to a doggy day care or a pet daycare, we have some advice at TLC Pet Boarding.


Good Protocols Should Be in Place at ANY Pet DaycareChecking Out A New Doggy Day Care

Good protocols that any pet daycare or a doggy day care should have include good medical protocols. They should require that all dogs are properly vaccinated, along with proof of vaccination to be allowed on the premises. Dogs like to play together but sometimes they have disagreements even among the best-socialized dogs so staff should have always be present when two dogs are together to keep an eye on them to break them off if a fight breaks off.

In addition, good pet daycares should have interviews before letting a dog join the program. This may seem tedious but the reason for this is to keep everyone safe and to have a better understanding of the dog’s personality and if a particular program is right for him. Some pet daycares often trial period where you and your dog can check out the facilities and see if it is good for the both of you.


The day care that you choose should be clean, safe and secure. Check the fences. Can your dog get through the fences? Are small and large kept together? Are there shady areas for your dog to relax and cool off? What about the dog bowls? Are they clean and filled with water? Check out the odor in the place? Is it excessive? It may be a sign that the place is not as cleanly as it seems.

TLC Pet Boarding in Davie, Florida Lastly, you want a place that will treat your dog and love your dog as much as you do. It would be heartbreaking to trust someone with your dog and discover that they abuse your dog. Observe how the staff treats the pets in their car. Are they rough with the animals, jerk them around? You want your dog or any pet you have to be safe and loved. The doggy day care is just as much for your dog as it is for you and you both deserve to have a safe place to go during the workday.


TLC Pet Boarding is dedicated to your pet and providing fun safe place for your pet while you are away. Call us if you have any questions or want to know how to get your pet into our doggy day care. Contact us at (954) 766-5472