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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at TLC Pet Boarding Club, we, too, are pet owners and understand your concerns about how important it is to have your cat well taken care of – in professional and loving hands.

Every cat boarded in our home experiences an at the home-like environment. From the moment you leave your furry friend enters our doors, we do everything we can to ensure your cat feels like another member of the family. Whether you’re going on vacation, on a weekend getaway, or a business trip, rest easy knowing that your cats are being taken care of in a safe and loving environment.

How to Enjoy Successful Cat Boarding With TLC

A top fear of pet owners is confusion created by a new routine. While a guest with us, we are committed following the same routine that you have established for your cats in your own home.
Provide us with feeding instructions and all other important information related to the well-being of your beloved cats.

About Our Cat Boarding Facility

We provide the litter box and litter, distilled water, food and water bowls, and water fountain so both you and your cat can enjoy peace of mind that all the basic needs are covered.

How to Decide if TLC Pet Boarding is the Right Cat Boarding Service for You

There is nothing more important to us than ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your pet.
Best Cat Boarding Service in Davie

  • Our Philosophy on Indoor Cat Boarding: We believe that every cat should be able to roam around free, not stay locked up in a cage or condo. When you entrust us with your cats, you can be sure that your felines will never be confined to a cage. Your furry babies enjoy their stay in a room the size of a large walk-in closet.
  • Our facility is climate-controlled with air conditioning and heat and features a three-stage air filtration system to ensure a cleaner environment for your cat.
  • Feeding: Bring in your cat’s food, individually bagged and labeled, and we feed your cat the same amount and at the same frequency that he or she enjoys at home. All cat’s bowls/dishes are washed with soap and hot water after each meal.
  • Facility Cleanliness: We clean all surfaces, areas, and litter boxes on a daily basis.
  • Play Time: Our children love cats and tend to your cats as their own. Your cats are integrated into our family and enjoy the time they spend time greeting, petting and enjoying playtime. All activities are always be supervised by an adult.


We offer up to 20% discounts for extended stays in our home.

We look forward to hearing from you! Use one of the convenient options below to schedule your cat’s home away from home.