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Cat Boarding Tips

Cat Boarding TipsThere comes a time where you might have to consider cat boarding for your cat. This, of course, might have your gut reeling thinking about how your cat will handle living without you. As cat owners, we understand the worry about cats and being separate from them. Although, cats may seem aloof, they are highly affectionate creatures and do get quite attached to their pet parents.

Cat Boarding

Cats aren’t little dogs. Cats have their own preferences and ways that are uniquely their own and so requires different attention. So when it comes to the right pet board for your cat, you might find yourself anxious and nervous about handing your cat over to strangers.

Cat Boarding Tips Whether you are considering cat daycare for shorter periods of time or cat boarding for longer periods, there are some things you can do that can help make the transition to a cat daycare or cat boarding facility much easier for your cat and yourself.

When deciding a cat daycare or a cat boarding facility, check it out first for yourself. While dogs enjoy other dogs company, loud places, and wide open spaces, cats prefer things to be more muted. When your cat comes to a new place, check for quiet cat areas. New spaces will make them anxious, but if your cat finds it to be quiet and peaceful, they will relax a whole lot more and tolerate the change. Cats do not need toys that squeak, so check that the space allows spots for a cat to sit down and be at peace.

Dogs travel in a pack. Cats not so much. While cats might love their cat family in their homes, meeting new cats might stress them out. When you are inspecting a cat daycare or cat boarding facility, check that they can provide cats plenty of space so that your cat can call a corner its own. When you look areas, ask about any high places for your cat to climb and rest. Cats like vertical spaces where they can look down because it makes them feel safe. It’s also fun for them to jump around from one high space to another. So check for vertical spaces at the pet board and decide if it is enough for your cat.

Inspect the Pet Board

At every cat daycarepet board facility you check out, ask about vaccinations. This is important because you wouldn’t want ill cats to mingle with other healthy cats. Check for the cleanliness of the facility. Does it smell like urine? What about fleas? How does that particular pet board handle fleas? Basic medical questions and cleanliness should be present at every pet board facility you check out for your cat. If a pet board cannot keep its own walls and pet spaces clean, then run.

For yourself, keep a copy of the rules. Being informed and knowing exactly what to expect and how your cat will be taken care of will make the separation anxiety for the both of you a lot easier. Your cat will feel safe and tolerate the fact that you and he have to be apart, and you can rest easy that your cat is in a safe place while you are away.

At TLC Boarding, we understand that separation anxiety is more than how the pets feel but how you feel as well. If you’re reading this, it’s because you are a little worried yourself, and we know that.
We are aware that you want to keep your pet in a safe, friendly and clean place. That is what we want for your pet as well.