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Aventura Pet Boarding

Aventura Pet Boarding

Aventura Pet Boarding We provide a comfortable and manageable pet boarding service in Aventura. TLC has been working in the area for several years, and in that time we have become the leading provider of Aventura pet boarding.

Each member of our staff is a pet lover and receives ample break time to give your pets all the attention and affection they deserve while you are away. We are not a kennel, and we provide a wide-open space for your pets to play in.

Our Services

Dog Boarding – Our facility has a large open area for dogs to get all the exercise and games they want out of their system. They will interact with other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment so that they can be introduced to the concept of other pets and people safely.

Cat Boarding – Your cat, your rules. We provide the freedom for the cat to interact or not with whomever they want. Depending on what they desire, they can achieve it on their own.

Pet Grooming – At your discretion, we provide both dog and pet grooming up to however much you would like them to receive. We can file their puppy pads, clip their nails, trim their fur and brush them to your requests.

Aventura Pet BoardingPet Taxi – If you are having a problem getting your pet to our facility, just call a pet taxi! We will send a secured vehicle with ample transportation merits for both feline and canine companions.

Pet Hotel – We do not treat our facility like a kennel or a home, this is a pet hotel. We provide the highest quality services so your pet and dog can be well taken care of no matter what.

TLC Pet Boarding

TLC Pet Boarding has been providing our services for several years. In this time we have met many animal companions and have helped many people with making sure their pets are as loved as possible. If you would like to know more about our services and specials, make sure to call us today at  (954) 295-5050.

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