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4 Paw Treatment from Pet Hotels

Believe us when we say that the pet hotel business is the best line of work that you can be in. It is immensely fulfilling to be around people who care for animals and know that you will take care of animals too. But at TLC Pet Boarding, we believe that there is an efficient system to ensure that you give every guest the 4-paw treatment from your pet hotels.

Rated 4 out of 4 Paws

4 Paw Treatment from Pet HotelsHire The Best People – Firstly, you need to find a great group of people who share your passion and want to work there with you. If you are hiring pet lovers who are younger, as in the early twenties or out of high school, be prepared to kowtow (or bowwow as we call it!) If they are great people, they are worth making happy. You don’t want any apprehension or negativity in the environment because the pets will pick up on that.

Plan Every Day – The best way to stay sane when you are managing pets, and people is to make a definite itinerary. Every day should be planning as if you are taking care of a regular day care. By this I mean wear the pets out as soon as possible. Switch between outdoor play and indoor play to keep the pets stimulated but also relaxed. You also want to make sure to change between workers because people get worn out too.

4 Paw Treatment from Pet HotelsFeedback and Word of Mouth – Google reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Posts, and Tweets. These are the ingredients needed to keep your business live and to thrive. If you want the best for your business, then convince the pet owners to talk about you. It’s incredibly important what other pet owners say and most of the time if you find someone who is willing to take their pet to a pet hotel, they often have friends with pets too. More than the business you want to build a community, and that’s what the people want too.

Insurance – Once we’ve successfully built a great community with excellent workers and a flawless schedule it’s important that we step back and look at liability. You want to find insurance policies that apply to pet hotels that protect your workers and pets equally. Nips happen, roughhousing happens, dogs can be running to catch a ball and make a misstep and limp. You need to be able to cover yourself. Accordingly, your workers and the pet owners will thank you for it.

TLC Pet Hotels

TLC Pet Boarding offers the best pet hotels in South Florida. We love what we do, and we work every day to provide the best 4-paw service to each of our canine and feline companions. If you would like to enroll your pet pal in our premium hotel, call us today at (954) 766-5472